Why I will no longer deal with "Photolab.ca"


Photolab.ca,  an online name for Fujifilm Canada Inc. at 600 Suffolk Ct. Mississauga has to be the worst lab I have dealt with in years, or least their customer service certainly is.  They conduct business through Loblaws Inc. and their various stores.

In Dec. of 2020 Frances wanted another 24x36" print done . We had a few of these done in previous years with problems. A photo was selected.  The file examined both on computer and sent over to larger than target size on the TV.  All looked good.  

Weeks later the grocery stored called.  The print was in.  Brought it home, unwrapped and LUNCH BAG LET DOWN!!!.  How or why they did it, the sharpness of the image was much reduced from the original.

Even put the image back up on the TV and yes,  the print looked like crap.

Photolab.ca says they guarantee their work.  We wrapped the print up and back to the store... No... the store only acts as an agent,  about the same as if I had gotten it shipped to me via. Canada Post.  No return without written authorization from Photolab.ca!   We sent emails, spend forever on their phone number with no response.

Frances tried Loblaw's customer service.  No... Not their problem.

Frances finally got an email from Photolab.ca after some number of weeks,  their response, we somehow had to prove they were in error.  I could spend a hour or two taking photos of sections of the bad print and placing that with a sections from the original file.  

But why, I see what they are doing,  They have no intention of fixing the problem.  They could just keep putting us off for months.  I decided it was not worth the effort.  It cost us about $100 to learn this.  

We will never use PhotoLab.ca every again.  Lesson learned.

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